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Virtual Museum

A virtual museum about Beilngries- why that?

The explanation is obvious: many finds from important excavations found their place in the distance. The grave goods from the great cemetery of the Hallstatt period and the excavated material from the Main-Danube canal were brought to Munich. Other objects are scattered over Bavaria in various museums.

For the population of Beilngries there were only some publications, some replicas and thus a vague idea of their early history left. Thousands of tourists visit the rivers Sulz and Altmühl every year and have to refrain from seeing the precious items of the place.

Although there have always been attempts to build a local museum, for example initiated by the former regional curator Max Künzel, the respective applications were rejected. However, modern media today make it possible to offer a different kind of "museum", an archaeological journey through time, for local citizens and visitors.

For ten years now, a local initiative group has been supporting this project. Two years ago, a realization was in sight. Now a first step has been done.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported and accompanied this project.

Beilngries, July 2013


City of Beilngries, 1. Bürgermeister Helmut Schloderer

Initiative group:

Archaeological group Beilngries in the Society for Archeology in Bavaria


ArcTron 3D GmbH ArcTron 3D GmbH

Scientific advice, texts:

Dr. Dr. K. H. RiederKH Rieder, regional curator